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so, what’s going on

December 31st, 2008

At the moment I’ve got quite a few models in progress at once, I thought it would be a nice experiment to have multiple serious projects on the go at once. Serious ? Yes, ones that I actually want to complete any time soon. I’m not currently counting the Bf109F, Fw190A-3, etc models that are on the go and have been for a year or so. Oh no….
Why you could ask ? Well, ehm…sometimes it gets really hard to stay motivated on a project since it takes so long to complete. Once in a while you hit a part that just doesn’t want to be made and it is hard to keep going. So instead I’m trying to divide and conquer, if I hit a block in one model I’ll just switch to another that does excite me at that moment.

The first project that’s seriously in progress is the B-25. The B-25C I did is being converted to G, H and J standard. This includes various strafer sub-variants. Once those models are done I’m keen on doing some 345th bomb group images, bats, hawks and so forth. Also others come to mind like the navy variants.

b-25j_006 b-25j_004

The second project is the Fokker Dr.I. Hey hang on, isn’t that the triplane ? Yes indeed, I’ve decided to venture out of my comfort zone (again) and try something different, world war one this time. Why the Triplane, isn’t it a bit cliche I hear you ask ? Well… yes, it is rather well known, but then it is a Fokker and one I’ve liked for a long time. Alternatively I would have liked to do the Albatros D.III but that’s hardly original either 🙂
I went overboard with this one though, bought some great books and presto, started modelling the internal wing structure. Ah well, at least it will allow me to do a render with the cloth ripped off the wing.

dri_v0037 dri_v0041 dri_v0060

The third project is the Messerschmitt Bf110c which will also be built into 110G night fighter later on. The 110 has been on my hit list for years now, an opponent of the Dutch air force in 1940, very active in the battle of Britain and a really cool shape. One of my favourites.


The fourth project is the Lockheed P-38J, which will be built as the F, G and H versions as well later on. Wowsa, what’s that ? An American fighter ? Oh yes, need something hot to go with the B-25 for my pacific renders, besides the P-40 nothing else would have done the job. Since twin engine aircraft are so darn cool I just had to, also because it was obviously based on the Fokker G.I.a design 🙂 It also brings back memories of a nice all silver model kit I did as a kid, with custom nose art to impress a girlfriend.

p380058 p380062

Is that all ? For now, yes… lined up is the Nakajima Ki-43 which will feature nicely with the P-38, B-25, P-40 and Spitfire in various artworks. Did I mention P-40 already ? I guess I did, well, my good friend Evan has made an awesome model of the beautiful P-40E, one of the few modellers who can really deliver a model to that standard. He’s been so kind to give me the model for use in the Dutch Aviation Calendar I worked on. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it done in time, however, I did manage to do the modelling side of things, a conversion to P-40K which includes a completely different canopy, enlarged tail, different engine panels and exhausts for instance. This model is UVd and ready to be textured but never found the time. Hopefully that will be up and running soon as well.


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