October 13th, 2014


This page shows my artwork with the Messerschmitt Bf109E as the main subject. It also features in several other artworks on the Spitfire, D.XXI and G.I.a pages. Most of these pieces are pretty old, I guess I should really create some new ones 🙂


This piece is called :“Portrait of a 109E-7”.

The image shows a Messerschmitt Bf109E-7 from above. A rather unusual angle in aviation art as most artists like to show the sleeker lines of an aircraft and also like to show some form of horizon in their work. This one breaks both “rules”. Why ? Because I like it. The 109E is one of those rare birds that looks great from any angle.
It is part of a series of aircraft portraits I am doing, which shows only the aircraft in a clean situation. The first one was of the spitfire Mk.Vb.








This piece is called :“Emils in Russia”.

The image was created for game box coverart. The client wanted to depict a Messerschmitt 109 over Russia leaving most of the rest for me to fill in. In the early years of operation Barbarossa the 109E was still in use with some of the Geschwader. This is the E-7 the later version of the 109E which can be recognised by the filled in nose spinner.  The paintscheme is from the Wespengeschwader which became better known for it’s Bf110 with big wespen artwork on the nose.










“Only just made it” shows the same 109E-7 as in “Emils in Russia” coming in for an emergency landing. The pilot is wounded by an attack by a russian fighter aircraft. He has kept his consciousness for long enough to bring the plane back home. Bailing out over Russian territory was never a good prospect for German pilots, which makes his choice to try and fly back understandable. The rudder has also been damaged in the fight. Will he make the landing in one piece ?







This one isn’t actually finished, but I wanted to show it anyway despite that. It shows four Bf109E-4trops on a strafing attack low over an allied landing strip. I am a big fan of panoramic images, and they don’t come more panoramic that this 🙂





“Close Escort” is another one that was never really finished.  Why ? Because it keeps on nagging me. There’s something not quite right about it but after all this time I still haven’t been able to make it right so it’s going to stay in progress until I do. Still it’s far enough along to show it.









After all these years still one of my better pieces “Desert Emils”. It shows three Messerschmitt Bf109E-4trop taking off in the desert. This is a scenario I later improved on for a spitfire image. The sand and dust kickup was so bad in the desert that the fighters would take off widely spread out to keep their visibility ok.






me109duo“Patrol over the North Sea” shows two  Bf109E-3 from Slageter geschwader on patrol over the North sea.













109formationThis is “109 formation” which is based on a real photograph. The photograph was a real inspiration to make this. So I did.

Years later I had forgotten about this, thought I came up with it myself until someone showed me the original photograph again. Oops. Ah well, for years and years now I come up with orginal compositions that are not based on any photographs so it’s not strange I assumed it was the case for this one as well.

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