October 13th, 2014



“Attack on Cherbourg” depicts spitfires of 602 (Glasgow) Sqn emerging from fog low over the sea, only to find a flakboot right in their path ! Pilots of 602 were escorting Typhoons of 132 Sqn on their way to bomb a heavily defended ship (the Munsterland) in the harbour of Cherbourg. The spitfire closest to us is a Mk.Vb with clipped wings as flown by Pierre Clostermann, as nr. 2 to Jacques Remlinger. His book “The Big Show” was the inspiration for this piece which has been in the works for years. The weather as described in his book was pretty horrible, so I wanted to reflect this in the image.


“Seafire vs Zero” is a bookcover I did for Osprey Publishing.  This work was done in conjunction with Gareth Hector who did the Zero








“Seafire vs Zero” is the inside spread for the the same book as the image above. This work was done in conjunction with Gareth Hector who did the Zero.










“Close to Defeat”

It depicts 64Sqn spitfires taking off during a bomb attack on their airfield by the Luftwaffe at the height of the Battle of Britain. One is hit during it’s takeoff run. The image is meant to convey some of the despair the pilots must have felt when they were under constant attack and still had to go up there and fight, losing their buddies left right and center. Luckily for the RAF, the Luftwaffe shifted focus from bombing the airfields to attacking London, seeing they were so close to defeat.




“Spit with a Buzz”

This one depicts the Spitfire Mk.XIVe as flown by Flying Officer Burgwal of 322 (Dutch) Squadron. Burgwal was a high scoring V-1 killer with 19 kills. This image shows one of his kills, this time by tipping over the V-1. This would make the V-1 crash as it had no ailerons or internal systems that could compensate for this unbalance.






“Polly wants a cracker !”

The squadron mascotte of 322 (Dutch) Squadron was Polly Grey, a parrot. This image depicts on of it’s Spitfires hunting for butcher bird.







shok-attack “SHOK attack”

A group of Heinkel 111 is attacked over the North Sea by Spitfires. The closest Heinkel bursts into flame as the left engine and cockpit is sprayed by machine gun bullets by the spitfire.






“Portrait of a Spitfire”

This image is part of a series of aircraft portraits I am doing, which shows only the aircraft in a clean situation. This is the first of the series. I chose not to put clouds behind it but to keep it much more clean and simple, which works to emphasize the beauty of the Spitfire.










Spitfires of 64 SQN coming down in a dive to attack the emil escort of a large fleet of Heinkel 111s. This is one of those images that you either love or hate I guess. It works really well when you see it as a big size print, having loads of depth. But alas, on a small screen it doesn’t work quite so well.







A dogfight between spitfires and messerschmitts during the Battle of Britain.

Sometimes an image just clicks and you can create it in hardly any time at all compared to some others. This one has clicked like no other !





“Desert Spitfires”

Two tropicalised Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vs take off from their desert airfield. Ready to meet their adversaries over the burning north african sands !

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