F-86F Sabre

October 13th, 2014



When it comes to jets, my favourite era is earlier on when the jets were really not very sophisticated. The Korean war is almost forgotten when it comes to aviation art yet so many interesting aircraft flew at the time, the Mig-15, ┬áSabre, Seafury, A-26, Twin Mustang and so on and on. The Sabre is the best known one, I couldn’t pass up on it after having done the Mig-15 already, its arch enemy.



“Vertical Kill”

The image depicts F-86 Sabre “Beautious Butch” of Capt Joseph McConnell, 39th FS, 51st FW flying close to one of his victims in 1953. The Sabres were faced with large groups of MiG-15s flown by North Koreans as well as Chinese, Russian and even East German pilots.





“In a Huff”

This image depicts F-86F-1 ‘THE HUFF” flown by 2Lt James L Thompson of the 39th Fighter Squadron, 51st Fighter Wing in June 1953. He has achieved two kills in the past month and is looking for a third. Glimpsing a camouflaged MiG-15 down below, he drops his tanks and tries to get in firing position before the MiG hides in the clouds. His first kill in May 1953 was most likely a high ranking Russian pilot who flew a MiG-15 with a large dragon motif on its side, this was inspiration for Thompson’s crewchief, Sgt J W Manney, to paint the dragon on the Sabre soon afterwards.

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