Dornier 24

October 13th, 2014



The Dornier 24 is one of those aircraft I always wanted to build in 3d and make images with. An even bigger passion than twin engine aircraft are Flying Boats. ┬áThe Dornier 24 is right on top of that list for me, closely followed by the Dornier 18, Kawanishi H8K Emily and the Short Sunderland. I must say it was a real pleasure to build the model and a real pain to make art with it. It’s not an easy aircraft to depict in the very least. The Dornier 24 in the MLM (Militaire Luchtvaart Museum) in Soesterberg is always an impressive thought to behold. During the opening ceremony of the aviation art exhibition there I was seated next to a Professor in Aviation Design I believe who said to me: ” I always hate the damn thing, it’s so ugly !”. He might feel that way and I am sure many others do, but for me it is a thing of beauty.



“Rescue At Sea”

The image depicts a Dornier 24 of the KNIL (freely translated as: Royal Netherlands Indonesian Airforce) coming in for a rescue in heavy seas. The Dornier 24 was designed and built after a dutch specification by the german aircraft company and later pressed into service for the German Search and Rescue as well. It was known as a very capable aircraft that could cope with heavy seas quite well.




“Portrait of a Do24”

This one shows a simple portrait image I did of the dornier 24 which was based on the image below. I really like this angle for the dornier 24 and wasn’t entirely happy with the other image so decided to recycle it.






“Futile Chase”

During the war there had been several incidents where Dutch Dorniers were bombed by Japanese Mavis flying boats. The Dutch pilots would take up the chase but it would be a futile effort since the Mavis would have a head start and was a faster aircraft.

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