Fokker G.I.a

October 13th, 2014


The Fokker G.I.a, wow what a beauty. Designed by Fokker as a heavy cruiser it followed the same train of thought as for the Messerschmitt Bf110. It was meant to be a heavy fighter bristling with guns, designed to shoot down enemy aircraft with its immense firepower. It was very manouvrable for it’s size but unfortunately there weren’t that many available to face the luftwaffe. The ones that did face the Germans managed to shoot down quite a few enemy aircraft. ¬†It is quite clearly a very modern design for its time, later the same configuration was used for the Lockheed P-38 Lightning.
Nicknames for it were “the reaper” and “the mower” which says something about it’s reputation. Unfortunately 8 machine guns in the nose were not nearly as effective as the cannons used by the Germans. If this aircraft would have been armed with cannon, powered by merlins and available in much bigger numbers the Germans would have had even heavier losses than they already did.

“The Last Light before the Sun goes down”

This image was created as the front cover for the Aviation Art Calender I worked on. It¬†displays the awesome Fokker G.I.a on a calm flight before the sun would go down over the Netherlands for 5 years. Despite valiant efforts, the might of the German Luftwaffe could not be stopped with only a handful of fighters. I’ve decided to show the beauty of it, rather than a combat situation. It just felt like she deserved a moment of calm, not a moment of desperation.






“Mower On the Prowl”

This is a depiction of the Fokker G.I.a 312 flown by P. Noomen with H. de Vries as gunner. It started as first G.I.a during the bombardment of Waalhaven (Rotterdam) airbase on the 10th of May, 1940. After shooting down 2 Heinkel 111s it landed back at Waalhaven with a punctured fuel tank and the right engine stopped. The closest Heinkel is 5J+DA, of stab KG4, which belly landed in St. Annapolder with one crew member killed. The geschwaderkommodore Oberst Fiebig and crew were captured unhurt.




Well, this was a test to see if I could do a comic book with the models I built. It was merely ever meant as a test, nothing too serious. But I guess it proves the point. This image is from 2005. It has been tempting to do more along these lines. Who knows, I might do a short story soon.












The title stands for Huisje Boompje Beestje. That is Dutch Aviators slang for flying very low, literally it means Little House, Little Tree, Little Animal, for the things you encounter when you fly so low. Extreme low flying was a tactic used to avoid German fighter patrols when coming back from missions.
This one is still a favourite of mine. It shows the G.I.a off to great effect and it has a nice sense of speed. This is also one of the first images where I created the background out of multiple photographs, involving quite a bit of painting & post work. This must have been made in 2004.



This image shows the G.I.a attacking Messerschmitt Bf110s over the Netherlands in May 1940. A very early aviation art image for me, using a background plate which was photographed for me by somebody from the Netherlands (sorry I can not remember who).

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