Heinkel 111

October 13th, 2014



shok-attack “SHOK attack”

A group of Heinkel 111 is attacked over the North Sea by Spitfires. The closest Heinkel bursts into flame as the left engine and cockpit is sprayed by machine gun bullets by the spitfire.







“Mower On the Prowl”

This is a depiction of the Fokker G.I.a 312 flown by P. Noomen with H. de Vries as gunner. It started as first G.I.a during the bombardment of Waalhaven (Rotterdam) airbase on the 10th of May, 1940. After shooting down 2 Heinkel 111s it landed back at Waalhaven with a punctured fuel tank and the right engine stopped. The closest Heinkel is 5J+DA, of stab KG4, which belly landed in St. Annapolder with one crew member killed. The geschwaderkommodore Oberst Fiebig and crew were captured unhurt.

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