October 13th, 2014



The Seafury is one of the last and best propellor fighters. Based on the Tempest it’s one hell of a performer. Seeing the seafury fly on an airshow for the first time was amazing for me, years after having built one in 3d. The sound of that centaurus engine is just the best. The Seafury flew from carriers during the Korean war mostly in ground attack and carrier defense roles. Lt. Carmichael managed to down a MIG-15 in one when a flight of 4 seafuries was suddenly attacked by 8 mig-15.


korea_fury_1280 “Korea Seafury”

This image was created for boxcover art for a plastic kit by Hobbycraft.







desert-fury“Desert Seafury”

This is the second Hawker Sea Fury box cover for Hobbycraft (out of 3). This time it is an Egyptian denavalised Sea Fury, as flown in combat versus the Israelis.






canadianfury_1280“Canada Seafury”

This is the third Hawker Sea Fury box cover for Hobbycraft (out of 3). This time it shows four Canadian Sea Furies flying in formation above the clouds.






toughlandingahead“Tough Landing Ahead”

These sea furies are close to their home, HMS Ocean. They are returning from yet another hairy mission over Korea, having faced furious flak. There are new dangers ahead, trying to land a damaged aircraft on an aircraft carrier, the hydraulic fluid is escaping through a rupture when the flaps are lowered. Will the flaps still come down and the landing gear lock into place ?





Old images:





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