Bell UH-1

October 13th, 2014


The Bell UH-1 or Huey as it’s better known is the best known helicopter around the world. The Vietnam War has made this helicopter an icon for modern mobile warfare. Besides as a military transport it saw use as an attack helicopter, police helicopter, fire extinguisher, medical evac, civilian transport, you name it.


coming-in-hot1920The first artwork here is “Huey coming in Hot“, which shows a UH-1C gunship on a firing run. I did this piece in a more abstract way that what was usual for me until then. It really was a piece to experiment on and broaden my horizon a bit. It’s really one of my favourite pieces despite it’s relative simplicity. I love strong bold colours which is something you can not often use in aviation art.





resize-of-rescue-in-a-stormy-seaThe second artwork shows a license built huey by Agusta, called the (I)UH-1 or Agusta Bell AB204. This helicopter was used by the Dutch Navy Marine Luchtvaart Dienst for patrol and SAR service. It was roughly based on the UH-1C featuring a different engine exhaust layout, floatation devices and whinch amongst other things. This image was created for a calendar I did with artwork about Dutch aviation, it depicts a MLD (I)UH-1 of the Dutch Navy flying in to find a ship caught in the storm. “Rescue in a Stormy Sea”



This isn’t actually a finished artwork, it has been done as an image for the presentation of Luxology’s Modo 501.


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